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About Us
Company Profile


Shareholder Background

Shandong Hi-Speed Group (SDHS) is a state-owned capital investment company. The company's mission is to become a world-class infrastructure service provider with global competitiveness. With a registered capital of CNY 45.9 billion and total assets exceeding CNY 1.2 trillion, it was listed on the Fortune Global 500 in 2022.

Professional Team

With a professional team that is market-oriented and globally minded with extensive experience in investment and diversified background, SDHG strives for research-driven investment and pursues professionalization, concentration, marketization, and institutionalization.

Integration of Industry and Finance

SDHG holds various licenses, including Hong Kong SFC Type 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, domestic QFLP, financing leasing, and factoring licenses. This enables the company to facilitate industrial development through cross-border cooperation and flexible use of diversified investment tools.

Comprehensive Internal Control

SDHG’s comprehensive risk management system and efficient corporate governance mechanism provide a full-process, full-chain investment decision-making management mechanism. The company's ability to identify, evaluate, monitor, and control various risks enables it to achieve its strategic goals with confidence.

Industrial Investment

山高控股依托山東高速集團強大的產業資源優勢,聚焦新能源、新基建等 戰略新興產業賽道,不斷擴大與集團主業的產業協同效應;將少數股權投資與控股型投資相結合,以尋找並持有優質資產為目的,獲取重資產行業長期穩定價值增長的同時,分享戰略新興產業的高成長價值。

Company Dynamics