Company Profile

Shandong Hi-Speed Holdings Group is a Hong Kong-listed company (00412.HK), serves as an essential overseas investment and industrial holding platform of Shandong Hi-Speed Group (SDHS). The company adheres to the concept of “Prudently Compliant, Steady Development” and focuses on deepening investment opportunities in strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new technology, and big health. Its goal is to become an outstanding industrial investment holding group. Currently, the company has total assets of HKD 78 billion and owns two listed companies under its wing, Shandong Hi-Speed New Energy Group (01250.HK) and Shandong High Speed Renewable Energy Group (000803.SZ).

Shandong Hi-Speed New Energy Group is a leader in photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, and clean heating services. With an installed capacity exceeding 4GW and clean heating services covering over 50 million square meters, SHNEG operates 52 centralized photovoltaic power plants, 225 decentralized photovoltaic power plants, and 13 wind power plants across 23 provinces, cities, and regions in China and Australia. The company ranks among the top tier of photovoltaic and wind power companies in China, as it ranks first nationwide in terms of the installed capacity of decentralized photovoltaics and ranks among the top in the secondary tier in terms of the total installed capacity of photovoltaics and wind power. It is also the largest new energy power generation enterprise under direct jurisdiction of Shandong Province.

Shandong High Speed Renewable Energy Group is a leading enterprise in China's “environmental new energy” sector and the only domestically listed company on the main board that specializes in the utilization of kitchen waste resources. The company invests in and operates projects related to the disposal and utilization of organic waste, including a platform for the processing and export of recycled oils and fats. Through models such as PPP, BOT, and equity acquisition, the company implements cross-regional development and has built urban kitchen and food waste treatment projects in over ten provincial capitals and major cities across the east, central, and western regions of China. With a daily processing capacity of approximately 4030 tons, the company has become a major player in the industry.