Industrial Investment

Exploring Strategic Industrial Investment Opportunities

SDHG is committed to becoming an excellent industrial investment holding group. It seeks strategic investment opportunities in nationally supported industries such as new energy, new technology, new consumption, and big health, as well as strategic emerging industries in the industrial chain of Shandong Expressway Group. The company selects high-quality assets with high growth potential by virtue of a combination of minority equity investment and controlling investments to achieve long-term appreciation and obtain short-term excess returns.

In May 2022, SDHG successfully acquired 43.45% of the shares of SHNEG (1250.HK), and quickly entered the new energy industry from a high starting point. In addition, SDHG has invested in high-quality projects such as the IoT Unicorn Newlinks, which is committed to achieving zero-carbon energy, and Horizon Robotics, the global leader of the edge AI computing platform, which has won a good reputation in the industry.